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The Tower of Babel

Le 27 juillet 2016, 05:53 dans Humeurs 0

We are told that in the beginning of the world all the people lived in one place. By and by, that part of the earth became very crowded, and many families began to move from place to place, looking for new homes. All the people moved into a country between two great rivers, the Tigris and the Euphrates. Here they found that the soil could be made into bricks, and that the bricks could be heated and made hard. So it was easy to build houses to live in.
Then they wanted to build a great city and rule all the people around them. The people said to one another: "Let us build a great tower, the top of which will reach to the sky. And let us give a name to our city, that we may be kept together and not scattered1 over the earth."
So they began to build their great tower with bricks, which they piled up one story above another. But God did not wish all the people on the earth to live close together. God knew that if they all lived together, those that were wicked would lead away from God those that were good, and all the world would become evil again, as it had been before the flood. So while they were building the great tower, God caused their speech to change.
At that time all men were speaking the same language. But now they could not understand one another. The people that belonged to one family could not understand those of another family -- just as, at the present time, the English cannot talk to the French until they have learned the French language.
So the people scattered to the north and to the south, to the east and to the west, and the earth became covered with many people, living in many lands and speaking many languages. Thus the tower stayed forever unfinished, and the city which they had built was named Babel, which means confusion, because it was there that God changed the language of all the earth. The city was afterward known as Babylon, and the tower as the Tower of Babel.

Long time no see, good day

Le 20 juillet 2016, 10:52 dans Humeurs 0

It was cloudy in the morning and now the sun eventually emerges from clouds. The approaching of Dragon Boat Festival reminds me of the time for gardenia flowering. Every year at this moment, it just comes to spring up in silence. Which is quite different from other kinds of flowers. Tulips and peach flowers are always with colorful petals, arrest people's eyes far away in clusters and grass. The white and light yellow gardenia appears on the side of roads, or in a corner of walls. It keeps low profile yet not can be missed, because the fragrance reveals. Miles away, it just to be detected by that unique smell dermes vs medilase.

On the backyard, there is a bamboo forest. This the ideal weather for all plants to rest in peace and enjoy the warm breeze. There is a particular bamboo leaves which are used to wrap Zongzi. Zongzi is the special food, usually made from glutinous rice with kinds of condiments and stuffing like dates, red beans, pork meat or some others. That kind of leaves usually are wide and long enough to warp Zongzi. Those leaves actually are the main materials which are supposed to cool and refreshing mind. After warping Zongzi, the next procedure is to put Zongzi into water to boil up in around an hour. When I was young, I was very exciting to wait for that moment to have Zongzi. In the evening I smell that good scent from the cooking pot dermes. By adding some firewood and make sure it burns up, boiling water simmers down that Zongzi. That special scent evaporates around the room. Um, bamboo leaves scent is quite refreshing. Then Mom told me that I could have in the next morning after a night's cooling off. Though I said yes to wait, I was just salivary already and hoped it just skipped the night to the next morning immediately. In the next morning, I had some with tremendous satisfactory happiness. The childhood was simple but happy. Now even I have many food to enjoy, while I can not trace down that feeling anymore.

The nostalgic childhood always comes into mind and put me into peace. Just as the blue sky this afternoon, a long time no see great scenery, enhances my content of spirit and soul. The switch of work and life could be easily separated and naturally to memorize dermes.

Office politics

Le 1 mars 2016, 07:32 dans Humeurs 0

It's your first month in a new position and it‘s rougher going than you'd anticipated. You feel like an outsider and you’re miserable aspire box mod.

Pondering how this happened, you nostalgically recall how comfortable and well-liked you felt in your last job. Not only do you possess the requisite skills to do well in your new position, you’ve also built a solid reputation in this field. Yet, you are floundering. Badly.

It’s not the actual work that is driving you crazy; you like the work. Even the long hours are not the problem. It’s the emotional undercurrents, gossiping and backstabbing thickening the air that you find exhausting. You can’t seem to find your feet and get traction in your new environment. And people have started to notice and are making comments. What the heck is going on here sense hydra?

Welcome to the world of office politics. Here are tips to help you survive and thrive:

Find a mentor — either inside or outside the company

A mentor can offer advice, counsel and act as a sounding board. Getting objective, professional support is crucial.

Take notice of who performs well in your company

Observe their use of language, tone of voice, confidence level, and preparedness. Learn from their behavior and emulate it.

Don’t complain, gossip or join in backstabbing conversations

Kvetching will get you nowhere sense hydra.

Leam to read the company's culture

How do people dress and speak? What is the company’s mission statement? How is it reflected in the workplace and in the treatment of employees? For example, if you work for an environmentally-friendly company, don’t brag about your SUV.

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