It was cloudy in the morning and now the sun eventually emerges from clouds. The approaching of Dragon Boat Festival reminds me of the time for gardenia flowering. Every year at this moment, it just comes to spring up in silence. Which is quite different from other kinds of flowers. Tulips and peach flowers are always with colorful petals, arrest people's eyes far away in clusters and grass. The white and light yellow gardenia appears on the side of roads, or in a corner of walls. It keeps low profile yet not can be missed, because the fragrance reveals. Miles away, it just to be detected by that unique smell dermes vs medilase.

On the backyard, there is a bamboo forest. This the ideal weather for all plants to rest in peace and enjoy the warm breeze. There is a particular bamboo leaves which are used to wrap Zongzi. Zongzi is the special food, usually made from glutinous rice with kinds of condiments and stuffing like dates, red beans, pork meat or some others. That kind of leaves usually are wide and long enough to warp Zongzi. Those leaves actually are the main materials which are supposed to cool and refreshing mind. After warping Zongzi, the next procedure is to put Zongzi into water to boil up in around an hour. When I was young, I was very exciting to wait for that moment to have Zongzi. In the evening I smell that good scent from the cooking pot dermes. By adding some firewood and make sure it burns up, boiling water simmers down that Zongzi. That special scent evaporates around the room. Um, bamboo leaves scent is quite refreshing. Then Mom told me that I could have in the next morning after a night's cooling off. Though I said yes to wait, I was just salivary already and hoped it just skipped the night to the next morning immediately. In the next morning, I had some with tremendous satisfactory happiness. The childhood was simple but happy. Now even I have many food to enjoy, while I can not trace down that feeling anymore.

The nostalgic childhood always comes into mind and put me into peace. Just as the blue sky this afternoon, a long time no see great scenery, enhances my content of spirit and soul. The switch of work and life could be easily separated and naturally to memorize dermes.